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CVBA Connect

partner of VZW Christian Renewal Connect

At the start of the project, a cooperative was set up to bring together the necessary financial resources to purchase the guesthouse with seven studios. The CVBA Connect.

The financing of the CVBA is done by means of shares. For more information, please contact us by mail or phone (see below).

All shareholders are invited once a year to the general meeting at the end of May.

The non-profit organization “Christian Renewal Connect” rents the seven studios of the CVBA Connect.

There is always good communication between them so that the CVBA Connect can meet the needs of the VZW CH Connect.

cvba Connect

Christian Renewal Connect




Owner studios

vzw (non-profit organization

manager renewal center

New meeting space – Living Room

In order to improve the working of the non-profit organization “CH Connect”, the necessity of adding an extra meeting space has been seen for quite some time.
During the Corona pandemic, the CVBA Connect was able to start building this extra meeting space of 34 m2. 
The meeting room is added onto the building where the studio apartments are located, and in the winter of 2020-21 it was closed in and made waterproof. Meanwhile the room has been painted, the electricity works, and a coffee corner has been installed. A name has been chosen for the space: the Living Room. Step by step the room is being furnished and decorated. 
All guests that are staying at Connect can now use the Living Room to read, to pray and to meet with others. In addition, groups can meet here for prayer, study, instruction and other such activities. 
As a result, we can better meet the needs of our guests with regard to reflection, renewal, fellowship and rest.

This is where the addition was built

Become a shareholder?

For building this extra space, capital was collected so that this could be accomplished. In addition to the building of the meeting room, the long, connected outside wall is also being insulated and covered. Finances are still needed to pay for the costs of the covering.

By purchasing one or more shares, you can be a part of the successful completion of this project, so that CH Connect can further achieve its goals.


Take a look at (and “like”) our Facebook page to see the progress. 

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