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Our vision

We aspire to be a place of renewal, reflection and finding rest, a place to retreat, away from the everyday busyness of life. This is possible for a few days, weeks or even months.


Connectedness with God

Connectedness with others

Connectedness with God’s creation

Connectedness with churches and other Christian organizations

Connectedness with our surroundings



What does renewal mean?

"Return to the source"

What We Offer

Guests are free to participate in the various activities. In this way we hope to enrich every visitor's stay and help them to reach their goals.

Connect is a place to return to our source of hope, faith and love: Jesus, our Creator and Savior. We want to encourage you in this process and help build a more powerful connection with God’s Word, other people and with nature. Connect wants to be there for you. 


Based on our faith, Bible studies, prayer and times of reflection frame your stay in Connect. Various materials are available for this and fixed moments are planned into the weekly schedule.


We have an extensive library and materials for self-study and reflection.


We especially want to respect the peace in and around the studios.


Furthermore, if desired, we try to follow up our guests personally through conversations.

Shared activities are planned in order to provide an opportunity for contact and fellowship with others.



We would like to hear about your needs and search together for a path of recovery and refreshment.

roll up your sleeves

Would you like to be busy with your hands in nature?  Then we also offer you the opportunity to garden, literally feel the greenery and the earth.


Every two weeks there is a possibility to take your mind off other things by being creative at a craft workshop.


Theme weekends are organized regularly at Connect by indekerk.

Depending on the further development of the project and the supporting residential community, other possibilities will certainly arise and develop. We also like to hear your suggestions and desires. This is possible via the contact form.

In the area

Cycling and walking tours linger between the fields, providing an opportunity to get a breath of fresh air and to build up energy. Other nature outings are also possible.

Connect is located a stone's throw from the beautiful city of Oudenaarde, which invites you to discover the city's culture. Visiting the city might provide you with some helpful distraction and relaxation.

​ Teambuilding in different shapes and sizes is available only 3 km away at The Outsider.

For Whom?

Are you needing a time of rest, or a quiet, relaxing vacation? Would you like to take time to reflect in the process of making an important decision? Then you are welcome here.

We are also available for small-scale conferences. Leaders or work teams who want to have a time of focused consultation, work on developing their vision, or teambuilding, have come to the right place.

The Residential Community

Just next to the guesthouse of Christian Renewal Connect there are four private homes of a residential community that serves the guests and the operation of the project.

Together we want to offer people a listening ear, provide moments of prayer and reflection, and surround the guests with love, patience and so much more.

We want to be there for our guests, but also for each other through community, mutual edification and encouragement.

Through our form of co-housing, we also want to increase our own capacity, which benefits the care for our guests. By dividing the work according to skills and sharing materials we want to free up more time and resources to serve the guests and show an alternative in our materialistic, self-centered society.

We want to be an example of living together in harmony with the Creator and His creation and at the service of each other, the guests, the neighborhood and society.

Duane and Penny, Rosette, Evelien and Peter and Kristin welcome you!

Our Partner

CVBA Connect

We rent our buildings from CVBA Connect. Therefore our closest partner. More ...


Peter and Kristin Bordon

Duane and Penny Unruh

Luc and Magda Calcoen

Ronny and Yvonne Depauw

Rosette Henrist

Evelien Van de Velde


vzw Christelijke Herbronning Connect

Oudenaardseweg 140

9790 Wortegem-Petegem

+32 497 67 99 99

IBAN BE65 9733 7399 9496

BE 0634.840.749

RPR Oudenaarde



Pastoral Center Attent

Ko de Nood, Chairman VEG

Rosario Anastasi, Chairman ECV

Kurt Maeyens, Director VIANOVA

Koen Celis, Chairman VVP

David Buntinx, Chairman EAV


Member of the Evangelical Alliance Flanders (EAV)

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